Will Smith: «I would want to visit the Ancient Egypt»

We offer readers the materials of the press-conference with the creators of the film «Men in black 3» – directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and performers of the main roles will Smith and Josh Brolin

– Barry, why did you decide to return to the «Man in black»?

Will: Good question. Who would have known! (Laughs.)

Barry: actually, when we were filming «the Men in black 2», as the night came to me will – he calls me Databases – and said: «you Know, Database, I had an idea about the third part. I think I should go back in time and do something to save the life of an agent Kee. And, by doing so, we will learn the secrets of which earlier and had no idea. Jay knows the secrets of Kay. And all this together with the journey in time it should turn out well». And I said: «Let’s first deal with the second part of». In General, cool again to return to the «Men in black». With will and Tommy great work, and now joined us, and Josh. This is amazing. We will discuss that the only reason for which we can screw it up, so if it does not find an actor, for which the viewer will be watching, not wishing that none of the Duo will and Tommy. Because in the movie, their relations are the center of all history. And as soon as we started working with Josh, it was thought: «Poor Josh! No one will notice in the film, because it will be taken solely as Tommy in his youth».

– In any period of history would you like to visit?

Will: Well, historical epoch… We discussed this during the filming. For blacks, I think that now is the best time. (Laughs.) Somehow did not want to come back, you know. And for me, perhaps, Ancient Egypt is the most interesting time. How the hell got into these pyramids?!

Barry: Oh, it was aliens. The truth is, that will only exists in the present. He is not any Marty, traveling in time. As for me, I would probably have never called for a date Deborah. But that’s another story.

Will: Josh?

Josh: Yesterday. I want to travel back in yesterday. Remember, there were a few cocktail «Margarita», and then I did not remember. So what I would love to come back there to understand what had happened to me.

– Josh, as you have managed to create a hero, not a hit in the copy Tommy Lee Jones?

Josh: If it is serious, between will and Tommy such an incredible chemistry! And, when I was offered a role, in which it is necessary to recreate the connection between the characters – such examples are very few, perhaps, Danny Glover with Mel Gibson (the companions of the franchise «Lethal weapon» – approx), will with Tommy, a few others… Well, then I looked back at my past work, weighed all and decided, well, just try it and see what happens. The fear that I felt, when Barry offered me the role of… you Know, it’s like coming to the warehouse with a huge number of patented tools, which has never been tested in work. And you have to play the instrument, on which never played. And I liked it: you take the instrument, but he does not play, then you try another. You start to get used to the image and gradually open for itself what kind of things. Then the habits of Barry, we began to think, what could be the agent Kay in his youth. Is he happy? As far as he was happier before there have been those dramatic events? If he was very-very happy? How much he has changed? And yet, you know, the fact that I am 29 years old… It’s a joke, of course. In General, it is not easy. But I didn’t want people to look at how Josh plays Tommy all the screen time. I hope, you just watch the movie that you like it, and accept the fact that I play the young Tommy.

Will: For me it was very interesting and at the same time scary. Because we have with Tommy is the tempo, chemistry, which appears after a certain period of joint work. Or, for example, as in love. You meet a person with whom you are on the same wave, and for a long time to meet with him. And then you have a new girl or guy and…

Josh: And it all begins again.

Will: Yeah! But what is interesting: feelings were almost identical. Intonation, rate… As if you’re playing tennis with a partner, and he hits the ball exactly where you’re expecting it. With Josh on the first day and in the first stage, I did exactly the same as with Tommy. I did not have to adjust or do something else.

Barry: About the first scene I would like to add, because I read in a magazine that allegedly in the very first scene with will and Josh, I burst into tears. The truth is that I really began to cry. But it happened because of a lot of joy that I experienced. It is about the episode, where Josh is interviewing him in the head office. And I saw that our plan was a success. See, I can cry in grief and in joy.

Will: Let us be honest. You, even when hungry, weeping.

– In the film uses the same sunglasses?

Barry: Oh, no, they change significantly. Glasses Josh in 1969 very different from those that bears a will in 2012. As change catalyst, filters must also be other, so that rays are filtered out and the eyes are protected. This is obvious.

“Will, as «Men in black» influenced your career?

Will: This was right after the «Independence Day», which was quite a successful project. But after the «Men in black» about me have already said that, they say, «maybe this guy we have and delayed». For me it was the first chance to play in a Comedy of such a level. In the film a very strange and at the same time, the complex world. For we know not so many fantastic comedies, isn’t it? This is a specific genre, in which it is very difficult to take a hit. So for me it was a great experience for both actor. And in the third part, we have done more emphasis on drama, emotional subtext. We are not afraid of Mature ideas, but at the same time kept the humor. In General, this is the most interesting franchise, in which I worked.

Barry: Generally speaking, the only one.

Will: no, no, No. There were the «Bad guys».

Barry: Oh, Yes, exactly. The «bad guys»!

Will: I Have other friends.

Barry: You told me another.

“Josh, your role in the movie is very laconic. With what it is connected?

Josh: I don’t know. I played in «the older people here is not the place», and this is, perhaps, the most concise role, which only can be. And, you know, I will not funny. Alone I can’t. So it will make me ridiculous.

Will: Oh, Josh…

Josh: It’s true, the old man. When in a pair of interacting two actors, their characters should be complete opposites, for this to work.

Will: For me, the most intriguing was the fact, how dangerous and foolish was an attempt to remove the «Men in black» with another actor instead of… Well you know.

Josh: Yes, Yes, instead of the actor, who played in two very successful pictures.

Will: Yeah, I blame you, Josh. But we need a very good reason to take a third part. In addition, we must be more to reveal the characters of the heroes and their secrets, which resulted in the affected their relationships. Was good fun so take a chance with this franchise.

Barry: the Whole secret is that will make Josh and Tommy funny as they were of him. It’s like the George burns and Gracie Allen. No one wants to look at the two Gracie. Also I don’t want to see a Comedy with Tommy and Josh in a pair.

Will: We are all friends here. Tell me the truth.

Barry: Oh, well. The truth is that they are funny because of my directorial talents. So that all the questions about humor can address to me. Thank You, Will. That’s what they were trying to say, but without my intervention could not.

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