Sacha Baron Cohen: «Be a dictator is a difficult work»

Sacha Baron Cohen is known to spectators on the film «Borat» (where he plays the Kazakh reporter) and «Bruno» (in the role of the Austrian homosexual, leading the fashion program), as well as to how he his heroes is effectively appears in front of the journalists in the image of most of these characters. In 2006, the actor arrived at the international film festival in Toronto in the costume of Borat. Three years later, he visited the ceremony of MTV Music Awards in the form of the outrageous fashion critic Bruno, to promote his picture with the same name. And on the last ceremony of «Oscar», or rather, at the approaches to it, during the red carpet, English comedian appeared in the role of his hero Aladdin, carrying the ballot-box with the «ashes» of the ex-leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Il. The urn with the alleged remains of the famous North Korean dictator Cohen later overturned on leading Ryan his tuxedo white dust. According to the actor, not a bit confused (as opposed to TV journalist), now this tuxedo is «the property of North Korea» and Ryan should – in order to avoid serious problems as soon as possible send him there.

General Aladin – dictator of the Republic of Vadia. Soon satire (and at the same time heroic) the history of this fictitious leader of a fictitious same country can be seen in the new Comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen’s «Dictator». Strictly speaking, Sasha is one of the authors of the script and the film is directed by Larry Charles, but it’s customary that each appearance of the Cohen in a new way of immediately is associated exclusively with him one. On creation of the collective image of the dictator Sasha Baron Cohen was inspired by a love story «Забиба and the king» written by Saddam Hussein in the 90-s years of the last century. However, the General, the actor, reminds us not only of Hussein, but also other middle Eastern and North African dictators.

His films may seem comedies with barbaric humor, full of homophobia and ridicule over the Jews. They can make you laugh of his satirical intent, causing many associations, or, on the contrary, irritate and cause anger. For the same reason. But one thing is clear: Sacha Baron Cohen – actor, Director, screenwriter, a graduate of Cambridge and a born comedian – thin personality and intelligent person. He has his own unique style, their own vision of the world and its problems, the message, which he certainly wants to convey to the audience – and then, when he wrote the script, and in the process of creating his characters. And yet, Sasha, perhaps, has no equal in Hollywood in the ability to provoke any kind of people, even accustomed to all journalists. We managed to be convinced of it, having met with him and other actors of the film «Dictator» in the famous new York hotel Waldorf Astoria.

The first, with whom managed to talk, dedicated to the film, was sir Ben Kingsley, who played the chief of General Aladdin.

“Tell me, why did you decide to play in this, to put it mildly, ambiguous project?

“I am very fond of Comedy! And I think Sasha Baron Cohen, who not only played a major role, but also was one of the producers and the authors of the script, a very talented comedian. He, as it is said, holding his hand at many pulses – political, historical, social, and this makes it just perfect the author of comedies. Couldn’t refuse such an offer!

“What was the most difficult for you in this role?

– Be serious and not laugh when near is the man with such a terrific sense of humor. It was really a serious test. Because of his humor so contagious! But my hero is very serious. (Laughs.)

– The film is based partly on the book of Saddam Hussein. And have you read it?

– This book I have not read. But revised the famous movie of Charlie Chaplin’s «the Great dictator». Remember, this is a political satire on Nazism and Hitler? I think I am very lucky to work with Charlie Chaplin of the XXI century. But to understand, who founded the image of Aladdin, it is enough to know about Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il or look in the news, materials about the other as «prominent» political figures – corrupt, in their country, including arms, drugs and etc.

– All the heroes of the film of the same middle Eastern accent. Tell us how you have accomplished this?

“Oh, we worked with a great teacher, he helped us to put this emphasis. What was difficult was to teach all the actors speak in one language with one accent. By the way, I still don’t know what kind of accent. He and not Iranian, and not Egyptian, and probably a mixture of very different.

“Why, do you think this film is able to make the audience?

“Well, that’s a wonderful political satire. Rare enough genre. I remember as a child laughing at something that was forbidden, and over what could be a laugh. Now and in the «Dictator» a lot of such moments. I promise, you will have a lot of such delicious moments, when you will watch this film. So much, that want to look again. (Smiling.)

“Well, you’re absolutely right! I saw the film yesterday and a lot of laughing! Thank you!

“I’m very glad! We worked hard. Sometimes rented for 14 hours a day! Sasha in the role of a dictator plays a full, well, just the polar opposite of yourself! In real life he has a huge heart humanist. Imagine how it is difficult to one another with the mix? (Laughs.)

In this moment of our interview is interrupted. In the hall of the old American hotels bursts into a crowd of people twenty. Everyone in the hands of a poster or with a portrait of Aladdin (that is, Cohen), or with slogans like «Say no to democracy!» and «Give a chance to repressions!». Associates of General very hard waving placards in support of their leader and the regime of Vadia – fictional country, which is ruled by Aladin. After the group support himself appears Cohen in the image of Aladdin, surrounded by a retinue of beautiful girls-guards. The «armed» short skirts, machine guns and an inscrutable expression of persons. The procession moves slowly to the center of the hall with the pedestal for the dictator and numerous flags Vadia. Standing on a pedestal, Aladin welcomes journalists with a distinctive Arabic accent, surprised at the large number of women in the room and started his speech with the words: «Hello, devils Zionist media! The Death Of The West! Today I am speaking on behalf of all of your innocently and brutally persecuted victims. Tyrants of the matter is dethroned. A nightmare! One after the other. Saddam, al-Qadhafi and Oprah. We are being suffocated by all sorts of sanctions. Ahmadinejad can’t afford a new tie. He ends toilet paper from the trade embargo. We had already set to work your favorite shirt last week. So here I am, in new York, which I hate, you talk».

After so temperamental opening spech begins the real show, and this, perhaps, was not yet in the history of show business. Journalists ask questions, to which Aladin gives the most shocking and provocative answers in the style of his character, racist, anti-Semite, in a word, a hard-dictator, the embodiment of evil and a threat to the entire civilized democratic world. Or, judging by his own definition of a bearded dictator, «a brave leader, just a genocide against its own people».

– Dear General, Your Excellency, Hello! Tell you more dangerous dictator, than Hitler? And if Yes, why?

– It must be the same! What a question! You struck me right! The very fact that I am compared with Hitler… Yes, it’s just the highest praise! I feel that at least something had in life.

“But tell me, is it true that you forbidden to show in English television?

“Yes, Yes. The BBC has imposed sanctions against me. They banned me for all radio – and TV channels! Can you imagine?! I myself am a big supporter of censorship. But the BBC, of course, the position of the stick! And all this because what I wanted in their live to tell about his anti-Western and anti-Zionist political programme. Well, as they say, the initiative is punishable! Something I don’t hear laughter in the hall? Hmm, it seems that this is a joke failed in new York. It, by the way, invented Ahmadinejad. The next question!

Hello, the Supreme leader, is trying to join in the proposed game one more journalist.

“So, stop staring at my girls! My, guards dull brains, but subject only to me! Look at me!” Believe me, you did not attract! – rudely interrupts the journalist of the Supreme leader.

“Tell me, how you like to spend time in new York?

“Well, I, like any other tourist, go up to the observation deck of skyscrapers the Empire state building, visit the Statue of liberty. And be sure to stop in a hotel, in the room where Dominique Strauss-Kahn had sex with the maid. And still I buy gifts for other dictators who are banned entry to America. And, of course, himself do not forget. Then yesterday went to the boutique Prada, bought himself a 14 suits and two saleswomen. Yet acquired 20% of «Citibank».

“Hello, General Aladin.

– Where are you from?

– I am from Russia. Russia and Vadia connects a long history of cooperation. Tell me, and maybe there is something in our country, what would you like to enter in your homeland?

“Oh, I love your state policy for undressing during important public events. I’ve got the Christmas calendar as a gift from Putin, so he is there in every month on the photo Topless. And yet you have, it seems, excellent learned how to make sushi. Radioactive. By the way, congratulations for your dictator with a new term!

Further, the journalist from Canada is interested in that Aladin thinks about the American film industry and how it differs from the Vadia.

“I am very fond of American cinema. I love the genre of fantasy «the Lord of the rings» and «Schindler’s List». But the first in the list of my favorite movies, this is a picture of 1963, with John F. Kennedy in the main role. Of course, Hollywood and vadia the movie is very different! When I shoot films, the demand of the highest quality. People say that I extravagant. And why? Because I use 20 trillion mineral water Fiji every day in the preparation of the snow for my ski resort in the middle of the desert. And I’m just a perfectionist. If to the credibility of the cliff need to lose 10 thousand peasants, then I’ll have them out reset… Next!

– Your Excellency, ” says the New York Times correspondent, ” and how do you amuse yourselves? How do you spend your free time?

“I have it a bit! Be a dictator is a complex work… don’t understand why asking questions all the time a woman? How many of them in the hall, with crazy! Look at it like a woman works, is the same as get the dog to roller-skate – didn’t mean to, but it looks cute. (In the hall of rolled the next wave of nervous laughter.) Ah Yes, your question. In the free time, when not watch over his people, I usually glued to my couch and watch the show vadia. You know, we have our own version of the television series «Two and a half man». There were in fact three. But one stole half of a grapefruit. And also I like to watch TV series «24 hours». In our version of his shot from the end to the beginning, so there was always happy-end. I let all my children watch it. I have, by the way, 1600, all boys. Pure coincidence. (Winks).

– Dear Aladin, and what do you think about the popular movie «the Hunger games», which has recently appeared on the screens of cinema? Maybe you would like to have something like this in your country?

– And what is the sense? North Korea already arranged for the Hunger games in the literal sense. Now here’s Kim Jong-Ng does his version of reality show «Lost most of all». Seven million people compete, who will be able to lose weight.

– And what can you say about your military costume? Why did you choose John Galliano, who was dismissed from the fashion house Christian Dior for their anti-Semitic outburst, to create it? And why do women like men in uniform?”

“Oh, Galliano – my favourite! Can you say anything about his avant-garde style and approach to fashion, but the guy really hates the Jews. (In the hall is set ringing silence. Presentation of view, but fully absorbed in the Sasha atmosphere is not very easily.) As for women, so everything is clear, that they like a man in uniform, because they hope that they will release.

– And what about the fact that Megan Fox pregnant? It congratulated?

“I’m aware of. My congratulations. There are rumors that from me. Not true. With the same success can be attributed to pregnancy Heidi Klum or Donald Trump. From me. Donald for the money, however, all is ready. Who is it alright? Do not dare to giggle!

– And with whom, dear General, of Hollywood celebrities you have more common?

– Mel Gibson, of course. We, by the way, only that appointed him Minister for relations with the public. And this is despite the fact that he is really hurt, calling in the spirit that it is ready to work even with the Jews. But we have forgiven him. Dictator me or not? And I appointed him Director of Vadia of the national Museum of racial and religious intolerance. I have a lot in common and with Clooney. We both uncompromising fighters for equality. In my country women have the same rights as men, i.e., no.

Brazilian reporter asked «His Excellency», why dictatorship is still used in some countries such popularity, as well as the fact, does not appeal to whether his idea to establish his dictatorship, for example, in Brazil.

The answer was immediate.

“Actually, I have done it already. And this part of Brazil is called Gisele Bundchen. I plan to send a tiny rocket for the conquest of Adriana Lima. Why is it so attractive dictatorship? Yes, because it is an excellent way for any democracy. Look at Obama. As he and his team not trying to, nothing comes out. Not better, when only one bad guy in the state? Everything is bad, he does everything bad, but it does. There are, at least, to whom then complain.

The last question was from Israeli journalist, which Aladin asked to prove that he was a Jew. And claimed that the shy is not worth it, circle because of his own.

– Stupid Americans! Forever you are afraid of! Always worried about someone’s feelings! And he is okay? And she is okay? And they are okay? Everything in this country is prohibited. Nothing can be. Neither do nor say. You need to relax. Just relax at last!

On this remarkable note, fulfilling the role of a dictator, that is, to complete the program, Aladin was sent to the exit in the same environment attractive entourage. His last words before leaving were:

– If you write good reviews, your family will be pardoned and released. We have here for you all is on «Ролексу». Enjoy! If you want, you can now use my girls. The Death Of The West! Thank you all!

Journalists have long time sitting in the hall, slowly coming to himself and digesting what they had heard and seen.

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