Michelle Pfeiffer: “I dreamed again be removed from Tim Burton”

In an interview with PARADE Michelle Pfeiffer said on its participation in a project of Tim Burton “Dark shadows”, on career, family and relationships with men.

This year You and your husband mark 19th anniversary of a joint life. How do You determine whether or not man is become your support in Your life and is he worthy of a chance?

“In fact, I do not often in life have met people who fit these criteria (laughs). I take years to fully trust someone, I was speaking of himself know. This is mainly due to the fact that I am a Bank of its privacy and literally keep yourself open for communication. To really get close to someone, you have to be sensitive and vulnerable. With some people I do, and my husband David, of course, among them”.

Whence this fear of being vulnerable?

“This is one of the negative moments of glory. No one consciously does not decide to be cautious and always be on the alert. When I was young, I was a very open person, but fame teaches you to be cautious of each second.

How do You know whether a man loves You?

“Sometimes you know it, and sometimes not. All people are affected by self-denial. All vulnerable, being in a relationship where they are deceived. I’m not an exception. It’s just human nature”.

But You’re the other rich and famous.

“Yes. My father liked to repeat: “Trust the people, but the stocks shoot itself”.

Before You came for David, did You have any other relationship…

“Some of this can be considered a relationship, something ” just know”.

Why these relations have not resulted in anything more?

“After numerous “experiments” I understood the following: to put the red flags. You need to look at these check boxes and then you stop repeating their mistakes, when you meet another person. However, look around and ask yourself the question: “Why was I such a fool? Why I did it?” From the very beginning it is important to take the right decision. If you make a mistake, no matter what you do – all the same all will go wrong and you will be unhappy. In many respects, all a matter of luck. I had made the right choice in respect of David. I was lucky”.

In 1993 when You were still not married, You’re adopted girl. It happened, because You said, “To hell with men – I’ll do it myself!”?

“No, I said: “To hell with the clarification that the main thing in life before I have a family”. I very, very much like children, and I think, my desperate desire to have them spoiled all my relationships with men. It made me biased, forcing or judge of my companions too strict, or to attribute to them the extra dignity. Finally, I thought, “wait a Minute! So I became a mother, not necessarily near the man should be”. It was enlightening. And when I met David, all the tension was gone. Thoughts were only about how we had all of it. And as a bonus, I watched what kind of father would come of David, until he establishes relations with Claudia”.

How did You become an actress?

“I always wanted to make a career. I fell in love with the work, as only the beginning of a penny in 14 years. I remember how my mother insisted that I did a career. She herself had never work, worked on the house, and for her, it was important that those of her children has developed a career. I worked in a supermarket cashier. It was a good place, but one day one of the men threw a tantrum over the value of melons, pierced in his cheque. For me it became a turning-point – I looked at the sky and asked herself: “If you could choose, what would it be?” It was acting. Surprising”.

Let’s talk about the “Dark shadows”. What do You like in this project?

“I remember how I loved the TV show, I literally ran home from school, so you do not miss a second. So, I really wanted to get in this project, again starring in Tim Burton and work with johnny Depp. One day I called Tim and said: “Listen, I don’t know whether you got for me the role, but I would like it to be”. A year has passed, maybe more, and I thought, “This will never happen”. But it has happened. It gives me so much joy to star in “Dark shadows”.

In the movie “Personal things” with Ashton and in “Cheri” with Rupert Frendo Your partners younger than You…

“Inherent children (laughs). They were all younger and younger. From Ashton and Rupert I “came down” to Zac Efron in the “Old New year”. If so will go and further, I can finish the movie for adults!”

Tell me, but in General, as is the case with roles for advanced age Actresses? Have you ever thought about the participation in the TV show?

“Less is removed movies, in which there is a role for the age Actresses. On the other hand, television has opened up all the doors. Some of the best actors ‘ work, indeed, belong to the cable. Perhaps, too, I’ll take their luck at the TV. At that time, when I was just starting his career, there was a clear gradation – “actors TV” and “actors of cinema”, and you are not allowed to run around from group to group. Great movie stars could not be starring in the TV series. I will never understand. Now actors may be removed in any projects, and it’s great!”

What led You to success?

“Don’t know, it is naivety or narcissism, but I started with the confidence that I can do everything. And was sure of it, until she realized what got involved, and only then did everything possible not to disgrace myself. I think this is the secret of my success”.

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