Daniel Craig: «Comedy and Bond should be crossed»

With the adoption in 2005 of the proposal producers Michael G. scales. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, and starring in the 21st film James Bond, Daniel Craig, from the point of view of the fans of the agent 007, infringe upon the sacred, starting improve James bond and bring it to the people. His spy and beer now drink, and do not shave, and no longer even says the famous phrase «My name is bond. James bond», and everything else, he still and blond hair with blue eyes, which is very unusual for such a character.With Daniel, we met at the Studio «Derbys,» where now is made 23-I’m a part of James bond «007: the Coordinates of the «Skyfall»». The actor came to the interview early in the morning in a mansion, located right in the Studio. He looked there were organically, as looked and behaved exactly like the English aristocrat, especially thanks to the jumper, stretched on the shirt with a tie, and stately gait. Meet Daniel tried to calm, but sometimes not held and joked, bursting into a laugh, and sometimes even used offensive language, telling how he didn’t want to go to the gym and like a dream to see this film about James bond was the best. Of course, for the James bond half-century anniversary after all.

– What impact London has had on the film? It may seem that it is more the British film in comparison with other «Bond», right?”No, this is only part of the film. Just when we were shooting in London, people on the streets see it and make the photos, which fall in the press. Therefore assume that all the action of the film takes place in London, but it is not so. Yes, we rented in the London underground, we are also fortunate to shoot at Westminster. But, for example, in the subway was not allowed to shoot the scene of the explosion, so I had to do in the Studio.

– Feel now more comfortable, you’re in a bond? This is your third film in this role.

“I think not. Yes, I played in the «Casino», and in «Kvant», but «Skyfall» – this is a great new experience. And what we were joined by Sam, and the fact that we managed to work out the scenario (as for a long time we began to deal with it) – all this helped me to prepare for the new bond. I know now that this is my bond. So, when I start to work, I want, that he combines the old and Bonds, and new.

– He became wiser, Yes? The «Casino» he was still a beginner.”Oh, no, to the wisdom of him far! In most of his movies wisdom lies in the fact that we had a perfect scenario, supported by brilliant actors. We also had to give them a good text, with which they can play. We are so lucky and with Javier Бардемом, which joined the group, and with Judi Dench, of course. You know, so many incredibly talented people play with me, so that in the movies about the bond is felt some movement forward. For me, the actor, is very important. I’m playing with their stories, which overlap with mine. Most likely, this is not due to the fact that the hero becomes wiser and older.

– What for you this part of the James bond differs from the previous ones?

“I don’t think I can at the moment to talk about this, because I have to long to go into in detail. But now I have my confidence, but not some of the financial plan, and confidence in history and our team, especially with such an amazing Director. It was so cool, I hope that the audience will feel it.

“The bond 50-year-old anniversary. Was there any particular pressure in the production of this time?

– A certain amount of pressure is always! We have audience and, fortunately, a lot of fans they can’t wait to see the next «bond», they have big expectations, which we want to justify, if not surpass. It is our wish that this was the best «bond» for the whole history, and, I think, it is and will be. The feeling of it. I mean, look at Sam, actors and a perfect scenario. And as our viewers expect from us better «bond», we will try to satisfy their expectations. And actually, you know, the film for himself answers, let’s just see what people say.

In this jubilee do you give tribute to the previous series of James bond, and their history?”You know, we don’t get napominalki every ten minutes that it will be the 50th anniversary of the James bond! We are doing the film, and he has a story to tell, and it is the most important part. Do not lie to you if I say that we know and remember about the existence of other «Bonds». We’re all here fans of: and I, and Sam, and all the people working here. Everyone wanted to contribute something of himself. Something that we remember even from the times of the «Bonds». Everyone wanted to remember what it was before. And, of course, we had to add something from the previous movies, it’s already a tradition after all. We just try to beat the old history.

– You once told us that the sense of humor is an integral part of the bond. Developed it if you have in this area?

“Yes, even too much. I took the risk. Although in this case, with the sense of humor it must be careful. I don’t want to criticize my previous films about the bond. We have made them. We had a story that must be told, she was serious. But we still need to have the scripts, in which there is some Comedy basis. For me, Comedy and bond, in General, any movie that contains the action, should intersect. But this is the most comedic line should be thought out in advance, it can’t be just think of at the site. So we worked on the script for two whole years, we have everything was thought out to the smallest detail. In this film we were able to combine a lot of different elements, which were not noticeable in the previous parts. Here are things that do not normally expect to see in films about the agent 007.

– Can you give an example?”No, the facts about the agent 007 – the strictest secrecy, you that!

– What are the dynamics of communication between you and character Javier Bardem will?

– If the actor’s point of view, that is one thing. I met Javier two and a half years ago on some charity event in Los Angeles. Then I just walked up to him and asked: «do you Want to play in бондиане?» And he said, «Yes, but what? I’m a fan of his!» Imagine, it was so! It seems to me that that’s the way it should be – just go and ask! And no one told me, that might be different. To be honest, I learned this from Barbara Broccoli. She was very insistent. A Xavier – just wonderful, incredible and in General a brilliant actor. Yet it is this spirit of fun, victory. He is trying to achieve the goal, is devoted to the process. I always smile when he’s on the platform. This is so cool, when such actors play together with you. Barbara joked that the site we have the battle of the titans.

– We would like to play more of any character in the бондиане? May, Silva (character Javier Bardem will – ed.)?

– M-m-m, the hero of Judi Dench, no doubt! Or maybe I just want to be Judy.

– Each Director brings something new to the franchise. What brought Sam Мэндес?

“Sam is a great actor’s Director, is beyond doubt. But more important, and the energy that he radiates to the site. We, actors, all terribly lazy. Sorry, of course, but it is so. Great to just come and talk to you in the morning, but so we are here for eight months. And the energy of Sam moves us forward. For us in a film the history is important, but Sam made the characters are so real and shallow, as soon as possible. So in this «bond» were the most spectacular action scenes. And Sam is doing incredible work. And he had it right attitude. He does everything in his power, a sort of a perfectionist. I’m so happy that we have. It makes me very self-assured, confident in his bond. Sometimes nice to relax on the site, knowing that at Sam’s all under control. Usually I try to control everything, and Sam gives me concentrate on my work. And thanks to this I can enjoy the process.

– What kind of physical training were needed in this time?”Oh, the usual bullshit excuse the expression. I went to the gym, studied there, and so on. No, seriously, I began to prepare for the three months prior to the start of filming. Yes, I was not in bad shape, because I was preparing for «the Girl with the dragon tattoo». I was in a sports hall throughout the year, so I can’t even talk about it. As soon as I finish shooting, the only thing that I’m going to do is do away with gym and start eating.

“You once mentioned that you have personal knowledge of how to be a spy. This is your third such a film, do you feel that formed their bond?

– I have never had in my head that way, what should be the bond. My only vision was as follows: I had the chance to come and play bond, we have given on this movie money, so we should give full, and this is all what I wanted, and I know that, and Barbara felt the same thing. It’s always been my only ambition. Once I was given a chance, as well as the best writers, the Directors, the best actors, then why not? Why not? We must do the best that we can. This is about the movies about the bond, for the sake of all that’s Holy! People want to come and see them, the spectators waiting for them with impatience, so let’s post to complete. This is the only sight that I ever shared on this account.

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