Luke Wilson received «the Invitation»

Company XYZ Films has announced the launch of the production of a Thriller «Invitation» (The Invitation), the shooting of which will start in the summer of this year under the leadership of Director Karyn Kusama. In the team of actors pictures already appear Zachary Quinto, the star of «the Big Bang Theory» Johnny Galecki and Topher Grace («spider-Man 3»). The Central role in the film got Luke Wilson («Diamond policeman»).

Script tape written by Matt Manfredi and Phil hay, the authors of the first «Battle of the titans» also engaged in preparing to hire, in 2013, the adaptation of the comic R.I.P.D., whose the staging was by Robert Schwentke.

On the plot of «Invitations» the main character of the Thriller, will go to the party to his ex-wife, where in a short time he comes to the conclusion that his ex-wife was hiding something. Together with the company of her new friends, she is preparing for the implementation of the mysterious and terrible plan.

It is not known yet, who in the Thriller have to fulfill Zachary Quinto, Galecki andGrac, as are not reported and what the actress will be selected on the role of a former spouse of the on-screen hero Luke Wilson.

For the producing of the project will take themselves writers «Invitation», as well as the March Griffin, already engaged with Karyn Kusama. on «Women’s fight,» and now works together with  «Body of Jennifer» over the drama of the «Track» where are removed Chloë Grace Moretz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Among the most notable paintings with the participation of Luke Wilson listed as «Train to Yuma» James Mangold, «Jobs for the victim» Nimrod Antal, «Henry Poole is here» and a remake of «Death at a funeral». In July 2012 in the domestic box office is Thriller «Absolute evil», where Wilson works in pair with Samuel A. L. Jackson.

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