Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lee Ben-Hong hit the sequel to the blockbuster «RED»

Ironic Thriller «RED» about the agents of the pension age will be continued – this was announced in February of this year. At the helm is the Director parody of science fiction «In search of the galaxy» Dean Parisot, the main roles are the same person: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker. This week they were joined by Catherine Zeta-Jones and star of the Korean cinema Ben hon.

Former operatives of the CIA at this time have to fight with the various enemies on the territory of Europe, where, by the way, will also be hosting the characters from the «Overheat 6». Of course, it is a pity that they do not intersect, but one of Hollywood’s certainly would combine the characters from different pictures. Meanwhile, Europe is gradually turning into a Hollywood set, but this is unlikely to be a disadvantage.

«RED», released in 2010, was $ 58 million and has collected in world hire of 199 million. The painting was put on motives of the same comic Warren Ellis, whose «Extremists» now lay down in a basis of the third «Iron man».

Who will play the new arrivals actors, not yet reported. Release of continuation is planned for August 2, 2013.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in the near future will appear in the musical «Rock of the century», then in the crime Comedy «Bet on the favorite», which also starred Bruce Willis, and 2 January 2013-the first in Russia will be released melodrama «the Man snapped up». The actress recently finished shooting the Thriller «Ruined city» and now busy on the set of pharmacological drama «Side effects» by Steven Soderbergh’s.

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