Sandra bullock and Melissa McCarthy become companions

Sandra bullock and Melissa McCarthy become companions
Director Paul Feig and the star of his «Bridesmaids» Melissa McCarthy would meet again on one of the set. In pair with Sandra bullock actress will play in the nameless film, which would Director Comedy hit of the girlfriends of the bride.

The scenario of the picture is responsible Katie Dippold, one of the authors of the series «Parks and recreation zone. In the center of the plot of the film will be strained working relationship between the stiff FBI agent, which shall fulfill bullock, and an eccentric Boston police (this role is assigned to the McCarthy). Other details of the project as well as its working title, remain unknown.

Paul Feig not only has directed the tape, but also perform duties of Executive producer. In addition, production of the film will be involved Jenno Topping («Charlie’s Angels», «the Hungry rabbit attacks»), Dylan Clark and Peter Chernin («the Revolt of the planet of the apes» and its sequel). 20th Century Fox hopes to begin shooting the Comedy as soon as possible, wanting to take advantage of the break in the work of the McCarthy on television (first of all in the TV series «Mike and Molly»).

Actress in this year can be seen in the new Director’s plan Judd Apatow «It is forty.» Also, ‘s nominee for «Oscar» is engaged in the tape Seth Gordon’s «Abduction of the person» with Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau. The winner of the award of the American film Academy Sandra bullock will appear in 2013 in a fantastic project Alfonso Cuarón «gravity» with George Clooney.

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